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InnerZension's podcast

Feb 26, 2019

Australian movie producer, Bill Bennett, comes to InnerZension Radio to share his working knowledge of the Personal Guidance System (PGS). Bill experienced a transformative, near-death experience which shook him out of a very successful 30-year career and planted him on a global quest to better understand the science, mysticism, philosophy, and physiology of intuition. The rational mind takes us out of peaceful inner states as it tries to figure out the correct decision; however, intuition can be more accurate and use less of our valuable energy. Bill calls it: Your Personal Guidance System.

Bill Bennett is an internationally-renowned, award-winning Australian filmmaker, writer, and producer. He has garnered numerous awards over his 30-year career, including Australian Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Writer as well as two Logies (Australia’s Emmy) for Television Reporter of the Year and Most Outstanding Documentary. His films have been distributed through most of the major Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, and the Samuel Goldwyn Co. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Screen Studies at Queensland University of Technology, one of Australia’s largest universities.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who is the Australian producer Bill Bennett?
  • What is the Personal Guidance System (PGS)?
  • How and why to tap into our innate inner guidance system (aka intuition)?
  • What hinders our ability to stay tuned into our intuition?
  • Rational mind vs intuitive feeling
  • Are there any limitations to the PGS?
  • New training programs/plans/movies for Bill Bennett

InnerZension Radio helps listeners develop their personal sense of sustained Inner Peace, no matter what is happening in and around them. The host, Chris McCleary, is a retired military aviator who underwent a drastic transformation to become a licensed psychotherapist in Northwest Arkansas. For professional counseling with your mental health and/or addiction issues, contact Chris by email: InnerZension@gmail (add the extension .com before sending your email). Use the email to also provide feedback for the show or to recommend new interviews.

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