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InnerZension's podcast

Apr 9, 2019

Can we experience inner peace through suffering? Welcome back Nate Terrell to the show, where Chris and Nate meander about various topics concerning the nature of suffering.

As a licensed social worker in New Jersey, Nate Terrell has been a therapist for over 40 years! 40 years, folks!! Nate teaches interpersonal communication as a professor at Temple University and created a full curriculum of trainings for his company, Organizational Growth, where he conducts workshops and presentations (including topics on self-compassion.) His latest book is "Achieving Self Compassion: Giving yourself the gifts of happiness and inner peace." He starts this fine work with clearly justifying the importance of self-compassion, and then he explains the various portals into full manifestation thereof. His private therapy practice is in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, and centers his theories around this all-important concept of self-compassion.